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Sustainable Energy: Home

A guide to print and online resources on sustainable energy prepared by Middlesex Community College's Sustainability Team.

What is Sustainable Energy?


Definition: “Sustainability is defined as meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Within the context of sustainability, the term “sustainable energy” includes a wide range of clean, equitable, reliable, renewable, secure, and economically viable energy strategies and solutions that value environmental and ecosystem stewardship.” 

Source: National Science Foundation Report

How to Use this Guide



Each year, the Sustainability Team chooses a major issue to focus their outreach, education, planning, and improvement efforts.  In 2012, the theme is Energy. This guide will direct you to the wealth of information found at your campus library - and beyond - on this issue including

                                      - books and other materials in print and electronic formats

                                      - journals within the library databases,

                                       - online videos, and

                                       - recommended websites.

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