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eBooks at MxCC

This guide is intended to help with the use of electronic books available via the library


? What is an electronic book (e-book)?  These are actual published books in an electronic format, fully-searchable, and available 24/7 from anywhere. 

?  Why use e-books?  You can easily search the full-text of e-books at all hours while you're sitting in front of any computer with Internet access.  Most e-books allow advanced functions such as printing of selected pages, highlighting, and more.

You can find eBooks through the library's online catalog, or access them directly by clicking the icons below ( note: off-campus users will be prompted to login via myCommNet to access).

These books can be read online or downloaded to a computer or mobile device.



ebooks in the catalog

Q: How do I know if a book in the library catalog is an ebook?

A: It will say (electronic resource) after the title.  Also, below the title information it will say Electronic Book and the location (exp. ebrary)

See examples below

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Book Icon