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Transitional Year Program (Fall)

Your Librarian (JH)

Joy Hansen

What's Your Learning Style?

Everyone has a learning style; for example, some of us prefer lectures, others prefer hands-on group activities. Understanding your style will help you adjust your classroom and individual study habits to become a more effective learner. Take this 44-question inventory to learn more about your style. 

Welcome to the Transitional Year Program Guide!

The Transitional Year Program is all about learning, growing, and succeeding.  As you advance through the semester, you will find the information in this Guide extremely helpful in completing your assignments. Your professors will expect that you use this Guide often. 

There are many other support resources at MxCC, including faculty and staff, the Library and Learning Center, and more. This Introduction page outlines some of those resources, as well as provides links to online tip sheets and tutorials dedicated to ensuring a successful start to your academic journey and beyond.

Success Hints and How-tos

1. Decide: "Are You In"?  Really.

2. Commit to your education.

3. Commit to success.

4. Know the name of your professor.

5. Be prepared for the FIRST class - have your book!

6. Attend EVERY class.

7. Email the professor if you will be absent.

8. Take notes. Re-write your notes.

9. Review your notes every day.

10. Keep a "toolkit" or resources book. (A notebook separated by subject-study skills, college resources, suggested readings, how to cite your resources.)

11. Learn how to use the computer to write papers. (Apart from credit classes, many public libraries have free workshops.)

12. Never, never write in IM texting format. (e.g., UR, emoticons)

13. Take advantage of the resources offered by the college. (see 'MxCC Resources' tab)

14. Never just stop attending class - talk to someone!

15. Set up an email account for college communication and make the address professional-sounding.

16. Plan every day. Schedule study time, free time, family time, and work time.

17. Be thoughtful and diligent when completing assignments.

18. Be prepared to sacrifice.

19. Be prepared to be successful!

20. Commit to yourself and your education.

MxCC Student Success Resources


Other Bits and Clips for Success